Lindner Tractors

The Traktorenwerk Lindner in Kundl is the last remaining Austrian family-run company that has successfully asserted itself for more than half a century.

Design is one of the core competences of Lindner today. Good design it not just about looking good, but providing the vehicle with the optimum shape inside and out, guaranteed perfect ergonomics, increasing comfort and making the vehicle easier to operate. Good design means the needs of the user and his expectations from the product are met in the best possible way.

Geotrac Range


The new Geotrac series is stronger, more manoeuvrable and more comfortable than the previous model. With the latest models, not only has the visibility been thought of, but things have also changed under the bonnet. Perkins units have been installed in the engines. Electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive and differential locking systems provide comfort and safety. They can be easily activated in a few seconds at any time by pressing a button. 

A turning circle of less than 8 m, low unladen weight and low cab height makes this tractor series one of the most manoeuvrable and suitable for slopes currently on the market.

Lintrac Range


When Hermann Lindner began building tractors 65 years ago, his technical innovations helped to preserve the livelihoods of those who worked the land. Today, we are still living according to his pioneering spirit and have combined the experience of our 40,000 customers in the mountain, cultural and farming economy, and in municipal operations, in a single vehicle. 

As the first continuously variable tractor with steering rear axle, the Lintrac is a model of innovative strength and efficiency. In this way, we help our customers to maintain productivity and ensure satisfaction with a job well done.

Unitrac Range


The Lindner UNITRAC is a versatile complete self propelled equipment carrier suitable for any kind of work: clearing snow, sweeping, mowing, garbage disposal or haulage. Easily manoeuvrable and economical on the road, gentle on grass surface and with a good off-road grip. 

With the help of forward looking technology; this model is equipped with a unique chassis which makes it suitable for any conceivable challenge: single-wheel suspension, disc brakes, adjustable hydraulic shock absorption, with level adjustment, permanent four-wheel drive, differential lock and many other features.